Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Drinking - How Much?

No matter how hard the study, an adequate social life is critical, with social drinking playing a crucial part. Being an inquisitive student, some questions should spring to mind, such as How much should I drink? or What should I drink? I intend to answer these and other questions, starting with how much.

Many people preach about not going over your limit, which is true. Not many people however are actually aware of their limit, or what the limit should be. For this reason, it is advised that you drink until you are hospitalised and have your stomach pumped. This is the only real way to actually know what your limit is. Your limit may change regularly and as such, you should check your limit quite often. This way, you'll know how much you shouldn't drink if you don't want to end the night in the hospital.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Food Ideas - Pigeoning

As a student, you should aim to be well fed as to avoid malnourishment. It's difficult to study when suffering some easily avoidable diseases such a scurvy. As a student however, money is tight and there is no breathing room for savings in areas like rent etc. I'll be giving out some regular tips on cutting down costs in all areas, including eating.

If you're at a mall, you can save money on lunch by waiting for others to discard leftovers. You can have an incredibly nutritious and varied meal, all for free! You'll be the envy of all your friends, never having the same boring old meal two days in a row.

Some Tips:

  • Pick your targets - fat people will usually eat their whole meal
  • Encourage people to buy more than they will eat by standing in line and ranting about the value of larger meals
  • Know where the complimentary condiments are
  • Walk around with empty trays posing as an employee, collecting unfinished meals before they are thrown out
You don't have to be at a mall to pigeon, lunch or common rooms work as well. For a classy night out with a hot date, try pidgeoning at a restaurant!


First post - this blog will bring you fresh new ideas on how to survive as a student, occasionally bringing you sweet deals along with general advice.

First bit of advice - be on time. Showing up late to a test will likely lower your chances of passing said test. Passing tests are an important part of student life and should become a priority. Hang around for further crucial advice.